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Know the Importance of Hood Cleaning and Why It Is Required

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is one activity that has to be taken very seriously if you are in the restaurant business because this is a mandated fire prevention service. In the past, commercial kitchen operations are not well informed of technicians to conduct this type of cleaning and thus were hiring inferior technicians, since the restaurant industry was unregulated before. Today, in several states, hood cleaning is a mandated criteria already for companies to do the service.

With laws being enforced under strict penalties, both commercial cooking facilities and hood cleaning companies are obliged to follow the laws. It is now the requirement for these certified companies to perform cleanings of kitchen exhaust system at certain time period. It is the responsibility of the commercial cooking establishment to get their kitchen exhaust system cleaned by a certified cleaning company, together with a certified technician to conduct the job at the site.

As far as liability and responsibility, the greater task is on the certified technicians. The cleaning company has the requirements to clean the kitchen exhaust system in compliance with the standards and codes of the NFPA 96, and if the certified technicians fail to clean the exhaust system by standards definition, they risk losing their license after inspection done.

There were horrible incidents that happened in the past in some restaurants that led to the death of firemen and families of the affected were demanding the review and change to be done about the compliance. And so it is decided among authorities that both the commercial cooking company owners and the technicians who performed the cleaning to be liable on any accidents that would happen out of the non-compliance of the standards.

In the hood cleaning industry, the major authority of certification and regulation is the IKECA, which started as a small organization in Maryland. Note that not all hood cleaners have the same knowledge and qualification in the field, and so it is better to measure it with the certification they have on hand. If you hire a technician who has a clear understanding of what to do, then you are preventing costly problems in the future.

When you hire a hood cleaning company, one of the first things to check out is if the company is certified. Among the things to ask from this hood cleaning company are their references of clients working with them before, how often they have conducted their cleaning services, and you can check with their references to get reviews.

Take note that certified hood cleaners have undergone tough field training and testing, thus they not only clean your hood but also check on the access panels, scrape degrease and power wash inside to make sure that the NFPA 96 codes and standards are being followed.

The Key Elements of Great Services

The Key Elements of Great Services