Badminton Clothing: Getting Your Own Jersey from a Badminton Jersey Maker

Badminton is a sport that needs both speed and power to master the game. Surely, the apparels also play a part in supporting your performance during a game. Before choosing an apparel, first you need to understand your personal style. The next is to make sure it gives a freedom for your body to move around. The next paragraph will describe several suggestions about clothing for badminton, especially for beginners.

You can read some suggestions on the clothing for badminton on the following list below:

  • Shorts: having a short that is fitted and yet loose enough to make sure you can move around without too much hassles is very important. The best short is the one that is on mid-level thigh and it needs to be loose and fitted at the same. With the right short, you can move around and make a sudden stop without worrying your short will fall and dig into the skin due to its tightness.
  • Shirts: wearing a shirt particularly designed to play badminton can affect someone performance. Professional players usually have their own jersey design and it is quite expensive due to its quality. It is very important to choose a shirt that can absorb the sweats effectively and let your skin to breathe freely. A simple cotton shirt will actually do better than expensive apparels that are sticky during sweaty games. There is also a women version of the jersey. The women version follow the body line of women, which is curvier, to give the best support for their movement. For a beginner or amateur player, you can design your own jersey on a badminton jersey maker near your area.
  • Skirts: some women players are often seen wearing skirt on a game instead of a short. This type of skirt is better known as skorts, which means it has a short under the skirt. Skort is actually very fashionable and comfortable compared to shorts, especially for women players who want to look good while playing on the field. It gives the same flair and support as shorts.

The list above already explain some of the clothing commonly used during badminton games. You can choose branded clothing available on the market or create your own jersey using the service provided by various t-shirt printing services near your place. For beginners, however, it is suggested to design your own as it is cheaper and yet bear almost similar quality with the branded one.